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Monday, February 20, 2012

Recent Additions, etc.

1. This has been truly a great day for the SCCB - we have had several really great adds today: some blogs of some great moms, for instance, one from Our Lady of Grace Augustinian monastery in Nova Scotia and one from St. Elias Church of the Byzantine Eparchy of Canada.

2. Regarding the post about 'liberal bloggers,' I realized that I am a liberal Catholic blogger. Pretty much any 'lefter' than me and you are no longer Catholic. Looking around for such blogs as these set me straight on the vanity of my enterprise. Yikes. Don't we always assume that we are ourselves exactly in the middle? But if we define 'Catholic' as someone who has a full and complete loyalty to the manifest teachings of the Church only - as we ought - then, of those, I am on the left. Why? Because I see value in doctrinal development - not change, of course  - but development. I could elaborate some other time at thetheologyofdad, I suppose.

3. We can (and should) rejoice with and for Cardinal Collins. However, in virtue of the fact that he is now effectively the head of the Catholic Church in Canada, we should also storm heaven for him, imploring for him God's grace for this truly - unpleasant, weighty - responsibility. No one would actually desire such a thing for himself, would he, if he truly understood what was involved? I am the last person who would presume to know his mind, yet he strikes me simply as a man ready to obey the Holy Father. Indeed, does not the very gait of the man strike you as a manifestation of gravitas, that his body too recognizes the weight that has been hoisted upon his holy shoulders? St. Patrick and St. Charles Borromeo, pray for him!

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