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Monday, February 20, 2012

SCCB has Reached 100!

Actually 101. And the list on my computer is even longer, but it contains some that I am having technical problems with. Thanks so much to everyone who has been emailing me suggestions. I am pretty sure we can get to 200. But, of course, I think I will also start excising non-active blogs.

At this juncture it seems appropriate to make some preliminary conclusions about Catholic blogging in Canada:

1. Organization is almost completely absent. This is okay in one sense - it means that we do a lot of thinking for ourselves and aren't waiting around for people like Mark Shea or Thomas Peters to frame our discussions. On the other hand, are we having discussions? Yes, there are some important Canadian Catholic sites, like LifeSiteNews, and some very popular blogs, like Archbishop Prendergast's, but there is de facto no one essential portal for Catholic exchange. One site that has real potential for this is CatholicCanada, which has, for example, received a whopping 10 million + hits. Should we have one portal? In a sense no. Not even the US has this. It has a fairly healthy situation where you can name, say, a dozen very popular, relevant, informative sites, sites that do not always agree with each other, sites that can lift the discussion to a certain intellectual level. Yet you'd be hard pressed to 'need' to look elsewhere than the National Catholic Register to get a handle on American Catholic issues and events. Of the Catholic Register of this country we cannot really say the same. Why not? Two reasons: too PC whitewashy, too Toronto-centric (if you don't know, I'm originally from NS, so I notice stuff like this.)

2. Not enough 'Canadian Content.' I can't believe I just wrote that, having grown up loathing things like CBC and the CRTC's Canadian content regulations which made it possible. I should have said, "Canadian Catholic Content." Is that any better? Yes. Frankly, we look south too much. The negative in this is that we pay less attention to our own problems and blessings. Thus, we leave too much space to trivialities. Again, look to The Catholic Register (seemingly my bete noire, for some reason). Excluding Fr. de Souza and Michael Coren, why is it that we get our best Catholic analysis from people like Rex Murphy? Do we know the great American bishops and other personalities better than we know our own? Our bishops and our 'personalities' are the ones who should be 'informing' us (in the Aristotelian sense) - otherwise we will be too 'represented' by people like Justin Trudeau.

3. Canadian Catholics who blog are extremely gifted people. There should be more of you!

Archbishop of Toronto Thomas Collins wears a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican. Collins, 65, is about to become the 16th Canadian to be elevated to the position of cardinal, an elite group of advisers handpicked by the Pope.

4. Finding Canadian Catholic blogs is not easy. Do you have any idea how much time I spend surveying blogs, trying to figure out if the writer is Catholic and Canadian?! The principal problem: absurdly vague personal profiles. I understand that you don't want to be stalked, robbed, etc., but this will not happen if you put on your blog that you live in Canada, or the US, or Mexico, or even Calgary! And, are you Catholic or what? I mean a high Anglican, Lutheran, whatever, can look pretty Catholic on the surface. Or, a Catholic who actually fills in the astrological sign portion of the Blogger profile form with 'Saggitterrius' totally throws me off. Do you not understand that Catholicism views astrology very negatively? Some people do not understand that.


  1. There was a time when Blogger made you fill in your astrology sign in the profile. I think I put in the wrong one, even though I practiced astrology in junior high school (for real!) so I had no excuse not to know, but I just couldn't bring myself to put my real one.

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  3. Per your Point 4: A formidable task. Thanks for including my blog luminousmiseries blog. I hope to have my drawntocatholicism back up to speed in March.

  4. Had you considered switching the name to Congregation of Canadian Catholic Bloggers? Or Conference of Canadian Catholic Bloggers? Or Cathedra of Canadian Catholic Bloggers?

    My point is that anyone searching for the CCCB would ALSO find us! :) :)

  5. Welcome aboard, Owen!

    ACH, funny suggestion. For Lent I'm trying not to antagonize bishops!

  6. Greetings!

    I am tickled to see that my blog made it to your list, as untended as my blog currently is.

    I'm glad to see this list. I will strive to visit more of these blogs, and to update mine a little more often!