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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some Canadian Church News

- An interesting article on Prof. Paul Flamen of St. Joseph's College in Edmonton, whom I met about a year ago. He has just completed a book entitled, Homosexuality and Following Jesus. Looks good. See it here.

- Perhaps the greatest thing that Ontario Catholic School Trustees have done in a long, long time. See it here.

- Deborah Gyapong reflects on the change that religion has wrought in the political landscape in the country. See it here.

-  Bishop Paul Lortie, auxiliary of Quebec, has been appointed as bishop of Mont-Laurier. He succeeds Bishop Vital Masse. (From Jesus Caritas Est.)

 -  Bishop Joseph Luc Andre Bouchard of Saint Paul in Alberta, has been appointed as bishop of Trois-Rivieres . He succeeds Bishop Martin Veillette. (From Jesus Caritas Est.)

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