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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some Posts of Note

1. The Christian State of Life has some really good posts:

- on Pope Benedict's Regensberg Address

- a guest post from The Practicing Mammal on Contraception

- and, of course, a two-parter on belief in God, to which I have referred already, I believe.

2. Veritas Liberabit offers superb posts on George Grant and on Ignatian Retreats.

3. What is always edifying, a bishop who visits old age homes. If you are a regular reader of The Journey of a Bishop you know that he does this quite regularly. Did you think being a bishop was all politics, consistories and composing new documents?

4. The TiPSI Dad reminds us that waiting on God is not easy, but it is essential.


There's an hour left of Valentine's Day - have you told someone you loved them today? If there's no one around, tell Jesus.

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