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Friday, February 10, 2012

We Need a Canadian Catholic Vote!

In a few things I've written for different sources I have said a lot of nice things about all of you. Because you are nice! One thing we have to do, though - and this is a delicate issue - is to mobilize ourselves and our readers politically. What do I mean and how do we do this? I think we begin by discussing it.

There have arisen important sites in the U.S. that channel discussion for American Catholics. Are there any in this country? I mean specifically Catholic ones. And not - to borrow another blogger's phrase - ones that are unproductively 'tribalistic.' By tribalism I think we can understand a type of attitude that is so picky, so negative, as to leave us without any direction to go. The sort of attitude that criticizes a politician who is right on nearly every issue, but he or she does not have the 'correct' liturgical views. That's tribalism.

What is to be done with Harper?

He has now said definitively that he won't ever reopen the abortion debate. He now has a majority government, one that he got with the support of conservative Christian voters. But he is not a good man. A good man is not good simply because he is better than other bad men. Someone who has the power to do something about abortion and does not, is a bad man. Suzanne over at The Big Blue Wave calls for us to make him pay for that. I agree, but how? By voting for parties that are even worse? This is the type of thing we need to discuss.

Things to think about. This site - the SCCB - is not about any one thing. Politics is a part of life, not the whole of life. But we do need to make a move like Mr.Thomas Peters has with his American Papist and Catholic Vote.

This is part of the Catholic community we need to build!


  1. When the Liberals are in power, it makes sense to vote them out by voting for a Conservative who is even just marginally better than a Liberal.

    When Conservatives have had their chance to help the people who elect them, and they don't, they must be dumped.

    Which Conservatives?

    Any Conservative who does not carry the ball on the pro-life issue.

    If a Conservative MP does SOMETHING to try to push the pro-life agenda forward, he may be worthy of a vote.

    Conservatives who try to thwart the discussion and the vote must be dumped.

    It is true that voting in an NDP government might make things worse.

    However, sometimes things must get worse in order to get better. If you do not punish politicians who use you, you will always be taken for granted and your agenda will never be moved forward. Don't be a chump.

    Look, if we don't have enough clout to scare the Conservatives, then we don't have clout. All this talk of scary pro-lifers is just that.

    If we do have clout, then let's use it.

  2. How do you pass on why you are or are not voting for people?

  3. A conundrum I have often thought about...yet have not found a satisfactory answer.

  4. I'm not sure I understand your question, Colin.

    I handed in a blank vote in the last election.

    I think the conundrum is solved by allowing that sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.

  5. What I mean is that you can't exactly tell the candidate why you have refused to vote for him. A vote for his opponent is usually interpreted as support for that candidate, not disappointment in that first candidate.