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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where are the Left-Wing CCBs?

I was reading from that worst paper in humanity - The National Catholic Reporter - this morning and began to wonder: why are there no liberal blogs on the SCCB list? This is a question seriously posed. I want this list to be representative. And yes, I have doctrinal parameters, but I allow things right of me on it, so I should allow things left of me on it too. Well, I do, of course. I can think of a few that would qualify as left of me. Maybe I am asking a self-refuting question. Would I actually allow very left of me on anyway?
File:Clemens XIV.PNG
I think I am basically wondering whether such even exist, not whether I would include them on the list. I mean crazy leftie stuff like you'd see on the NCR. Perhaps liberal = heretical. But I think conservative does too, if we define conservative as something other than orthodox; that is to say that some one's traditionalism outstrips their orthodoxy, i.e., their adhesion to the living Magisterium. Anyone who disputes the legitimacy of the acts of Popes John XXIII to Benedict XVI places himself outside of the Church; anyone who calls said acts machinations of Satan is not Catholic, whether one is speaking about these popes' positions on contraception or the vernacular mass. It is not enough to stay within the minimal bounds of what is required of obedience to the infallible statements of popes only. To hate ones father is to place oneself outside of his grace. To love the pope is to be Catholic.

All of this said, I think there should be latitude in the SCCB, mainly, again, because it forms community. Those wayward on left and on right should be encouraged to enter into the broader discussion, into the broader life of Canadian Catholicism as represented by the SCCB. Sometimes people get tunnel vision. What if I could not let Clement XIV's suppression of the Jesuits in 1773 go? Sure, it was a shameful act. Sure, it bugs me. Maybe you feel the same way about the vernacular mass, about alter girls, about contraception, or the 'wealth of the Church,' etc. I have a right to be disappointed in my father, but I always have the duty to honour him. And, in the end, who of us Canadian Catholic Bloggers is without sin, is without error?

This is a round-about way of asking you to suggest more Canadian Catholic Blogs for inclusion here, even if you think they are a little liberal.

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