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Saturday, March 24, 2012

COLF Seminar on the Family

The Catholic Organization for Life and the Family held its annual Seminar on the Family on Thursday and Friday in Ottawa. Although I will treat of it more fully soon on thetheologyofdad, I will just mention here that a special treat for the attendees was meeting Msgr. Lepine, Archbishop-elect of Montreal. What a nice man! And to think, just half year ago he was a parish priest. He had lots of time and interest for talking to boring people like me. (I passed him my card with the SCCB address scrawled on it.)

It was quite gratifying to see the half-dozen or so bishops there, not to mention priests, religious and laypeople from across the country - from Halifax to Prince George! So, a suggestion, mark this conference in your planners for next year.

* Update: Archbishop Prendergast has some pictures of the Seminar at The Journey of a Bishop.

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