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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The End of D & P is Near

Good thing.

I think the writing's on the wall.

Fr. de Souza has this to say at the Catholic Register, in his post entitled, Is D & P Worth Donating to? You Decide:

It’s a prudential judgment about whether a particular organization is an effective means of carrying out the corporal works of mercy, advancing the cause of liberty and justice, and contributing to the common good. As a commentator, I have given my judgment in light of recent controversies. The pastors of the Church have a different collective judgment. I wish I shared that view, but honesty — and the written record — requires me to say that I do not.

What LifeSite began a few years ago, perhaps the Canadian Government has itself determined with its funding cut. Politics makes for strange bedfellows, indeed. LifeSite and the Canadian Government cooperating!

I'm beginning to reinterpret Archbishop Smith's now (in)famous 'trust us.' Maybe it's (now) open to Cardinal Collins' two-year call for thorough reform? It's clear that Archbishop's Smith's future - his legacy - as president of the CCCB is now tied to the fate of D & P. It's either the D & P staff or His Grace. There will be a fall.

A few days ago at the same site, Fr. Paul Hansen presented 'the other side.' It's the seeming-obliviousness-to-the-issue-at-hand side. Yes, it's good to care for the poor in the Third World - who doubts that? Can't we do it without promoting the grave intrinsic evil of killing unborn babies? Certainly. So, to write about how sad it is for Canada to lose it's John XXIII vision by cutting back on the money going to D & P is just silly. John XXIII was no fan of abortion. Are we to believe that the Church's position on abortion was something John Paul II came up with? Selective memory maybe?

The good Father writes:

As Development and Peace now finds itself in a dramatic reassessment, will it continue to be committed to working ecumenically for justice here in Canada and globally?

It is time for people of faith to examine our own lives and support those efforts that work for the betterment of society. It’s time we questioned an economy based on greed, self-interest and idolatry.

To do all this, we need Development and Peace. It is our vocation as Christians to be connected to the poor, the weak, the stranger, the widow, the orphan. If government is no longer on our side in this, we need to learn to stand up now for who we are meant to be, who every Catholic was baptized to be.

To hell with the unborn, I guess, cuz I don't see them listed there?

I love the insinuation that if anything at all changes with D & P (like the termination of certain people's employment) that will mean that it cannot possibly serve justice "here in Canada and globally." Actual Catholics couldn't possibly be interested in justice, could they?

I got an idea - why not use the money cut-back as the excuse for why D & P needs to get rid of the anti-Catholic staff that has just become such a source of embarrassment to the bishops? I bet I'm not the first to think of that. Pink slips to come.

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