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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Free Speech: A Canadian and Catholic Necessity

We might not all agree on the value of free speech, and those who do might not do so for the same reasons.

True liberalism, which is so much at the heart of the Canadian Parliamentary Democratic system, is something Catholics should promote, even if it isn't the best of all possible political arrangements. It is the best given that we are who we are: sinful, profoundly, irredeemably.

True liberals believe that freedom is good because people are good. I believe freedom is good because people are bad. According to my reasoning, the best way to offer resistance to the worst of us: Putin, homosexualists, abortionists, is to limit their power. We do this by giving no group carte blanche immunity from criticism and debate.

People try shut others up all the time. Fr Gravel is trying to shut up his critics - i.e. LifeSiteNews. In this matter we - all of us, whether Christian or just plain Canadian - need to stand with them against this enemy of freedom.

Check out LifeSite's long awaited statement vs. Fr. Gravel here.

And check out a great link provided by the Dumb Old Housewives on Mark Steyn, precisely on this subject of free speech.


  1. Very true my dear ,Only freedom of speech can empower a true democracy and liberty is what we need in many parts of the world today.Many nations have curtailed their people's good voices but not any more.