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Friday, March 9, 2012

Is there a Middle Ground Any More?

I think the 'new media' of the Internet has contributed to putting a finer edge on things. Discourse and exchange has sped up greatly for those interested in it. If the SCCB can contribute to this in some way - and I do think it has an important contribution to make in days ahead - this will be through the creation of a more open forum than that previously made available through heavily editor-controlled 'news' sources.

Socon or Bust got me thinking about this. The whole Winnepeg Statement thing has been allowed to persist because accountability was an almost impossible dream. If the LifeSite expose of D & P has taught us one thing it is that there is a whole new landscape for the waging of ideological wars. This will likely make the inevitable decline of the 'Spirit of Vatican II Age' even swifter than mere attrition through retirement - not just in the episcopacy, but in the media too.

A question: How do we wage this war more effectively?

A hint: note that in his speech to the American Bishops B XVI did not mention the evil of 'homosexual marriage' by itself. Even the popular media was able to pass on the fact that the Holy Father also mentioned pre-marital sex. Did you note the anti-Catholic add carried in the New York Times today, mentioned by Where the Rubber Hits the Road (make sure you read the National Post article he links to as well!)? I'll ask, how would you respond to this nonsense? Are you able to respond to it in a way that is true and effective? This advertisement from the 'Freedom from Religion Foundation' is the sort of extremism that makes most people uncomfortable. Thus we have an opportunity to appear sane by contrast. Did this not appear in the Vatican's response to yesterday's cyber-attack? If the American bishops are able to tow a steady line that will also make Obama appear as the tireless radical he really is.

Christians are still a mighty force in this country. Perhaps we'll be pushed too far some day and then the whole entente cordiale between real Christianity and the political parties will collapse (it is starting to fracture with the Democrats in the U.S. and the Liberal Party in Canada).

I hate politics but it's hard to ignore. My only advice at this point: seasoned arguments. Why do we believe what we do?

There isn't a middle ground anymore, but it is very important to maintain sanity, polish and intelligence.


  1. Christians are a mighty force in this country? You really believe that?

    No. When you've relinquished almost every single institution to the control of the politically correct YOU ARE NOT A FORCE in this country.

    When we start passing pro-life legislation, then I'll say we're a force.

  2. I'm thinking about the sleeping giant scenario, as we are currently seeing in the US. I don't know what it'll take to rouse this giant, but I think sooner or later it will be. I thik it'll take some bone-headed thing like making homeschooling illegal.

  3. "I hate Politics, but its hard to ignore"
    My duaghter rolls her eyes when We talk about politics and says she's not interested. I repled to her with the words of Pericles: "Yoiu may not take an interest in politics , but sometimes politics takes an interest in you."

    That said, Christians are a potential force, if they wioll only get their heads out of the world, and be true to their calling. If not, they are nothing more than a part of the problem sitting there watching American Idol and Dancing With the Stars like everyone else. Such cannot hope to hear the words "well done, good and faithful servant."