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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


* Various members of the Society are blogging about Montreal's new bishop. A priest hand-picked by Cardinal Ouellet can only be a good thing! If you know any more about him than is being currently circulated, please chime in here. (I love the official photo that's being circulated. lol. Commercial perfect.)

* An invite extended by Socon or Bust to SCCB members for a get-together on May 24th, after the Michael Voris event. Hope I can make it!

* Veritas Liberabit on Heidegger and technology.

* Interesting: "Plan Parenthood's 10 Most Feared Enemies of 2012 List" on Concerned for Life. How does one get on that list? Something to think about. A few days ago Brian Lilly posted about being on CBC's. Same thing.

* Finally, The Busy Catholic tells us about the most promising development against the total de-Christianization of the Canadian public forum, Convivium, edited by one of my living heroes - Fr. Raymond de Souza.


  1. I don't believe that Cardinal Ouellet would be the final say on the appointment of the archbishop of a major metrpolitan see. However, I can't imagine he did not have any input.

  2. Of course the Holy Father has the final say, but Cardinal Ouellet as Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops would have a major influence in all episcopal appointments.

    Archbishop-elect Lepine is a man of prayer, someone who radiates an aura of peace and holiness. He can take simple words about Christ and they come alive because of the depth of his faith and love. This is a wonderful appointment for Canada.


  3. The way it's been explained to me is that nominations are given at the local level and are then considered by Rome. It is close to 100% of Cardinal Ouellet's job to decide about the world's bishops; it is about 1-3% of the Holy Father's. In other words, the Prefect devotes about 8 hours a day to making these decisions; the Holy Father probably does little more than signs off on his decisions in a span of ten minutes' time, unless especially interested in the particular see for some reason. In the case of Montreal, I bet the Holy Father did little to scrutinize Ouellet's recommendation in this, Ouelett's old stomping ground. I bet the list of top recommendees even makes it on to the pope.

    "Holy Father, do you want Lepine as Archbishop of Montreal? Yes, or no?"


    He put Ouellet in this postion because he trusts him, not in order to do his job as well as his own.

  4. Da is Russian. Ja is German. Si is Italian. :D