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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two Different Worlds

Two stories permit us to juxtapose the two completely dissimilar sides of 'Christianity' in Canada.

One the one hand, Gyapong's story re. the creation of a new Life and Family page on the CCCB website. See it here.

On the other hand, Michael Swan's story re. Elizabeth May's opinion on 'eco-theism.' See it here.

A question. Why do I suppose that they are completely dissimilar?

May believes that the biggest problem with Canada is that it worships money most of all. The idea underlying the Life and Family page is that there are forces attacking the family. But the solution to the one - money, the environment - is the problem besetting the other: government control. The left thinks that the government can help the poor and the environment by controlling the lives of people more and more. The crisis besetting the Christian family in Canada is that it is becoming less and less free to do what it does. The forces working against the family are legal forces - governmental interference with the freedom of its Catholic citizens to live according to their convictions.

May, who is studying for the Anglican priesthood, is a part of a tradition that feels no hesitancy towards imposing strict governmental control over people's lives to bring about the things it seeks. The main enemy of the Christian family is the ever-growing legal-bureaucratic monster called the Canadian Government. To strengthen government is to wage a war against freedom, in this day, the freedom of the Christian family especially.

Is freedom more important to the Christian than certain utopian ideals?

Do you ever wonder about the existence of these two completely different versions of Christianity?

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