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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day: What a Surprise, Montreal

You ever seen people mobilized in Montreal? Ever seen the clergy? Without reading further, and even if you have been living under a rock for forty years, it's a good bet this isn't to stand up for life...

I am going have to sit with this one for a while. I hope The Register's Michael Swan has made a mistake here. I thought with the elevation of Archbishop Lépine the days of embarrassing the Kingdom of God by praying for the Montreal Canadiens were over. Nope. Today we're going to ring the church bells to protest the Harper Government's neglect of the environment:

The Assembly of Quebec Bishops has alerted pastors and the faithful that they want church bells ringing out at 2 p.m. across the province in support of Earth Day protests. Montreal Archbishop Christian Lépine sent out an additional letter to parish priests and parochial administrators urging them to organize parish groups to take part in the protests.
Have those bells ever sounded to protest abortion, the secular government's encroachment on the liberty of Christians, the persecution of Christians in the Middle East? Nope, because those are Christian issues - only Christians are concerned about such things. Apparently there are no Christians amongst the Montreal, the Quebecois clergy.

In the history of the Christianity never has there been a time when the Church has benefited from following the causes of the day. It only prospered when it sets out on its own hard path.

I see that the SCCB has lost a few followers. Thetheologyofdad has too. I don't know why. I don't write for others - only for myself and Christ. I write exactly what I think is true and right, whether people want to 'follow' it or not. I say this as a preface to my strong words:

Unless there is something greatly off in what Mr. Swan has reported, my disappointment, nay, disgust with Catholic Montreal & Catholic Quebec as a whole has reached a new high.

It's all in the word 'protest.'

Happy Lenin's birthday everyone.


  1. What's disappointing is not the environmental protest per se. It's that the Church in Quebec doesn't have the courage or wherewithal to ALSO protest the killing by dismemberment of 30,000 or more of its own children annually. So this Earth-Day protest just smacks of cowardliness and bowing to the world. "Look at us, we're cool too guys, come back to church now." Sigh.

  2. I agree 100%. Concern for the environment should be about # 14 or 15 on the Quebec bishops' list of priorities.

  3. *Gag* Good on ya, Colin. Earth Hour, Earth Day: slacktivism at its finest.

  4. To be fair,.Archbishop Lepine has already cleaned out the immediate staffers. He went head first into the lion's den on a show called 'Tout le monde en parle,' and presided the Divine Mercy Celebration and Liturgy with Chaplet and confessions, something that was near non existant in the diocese of Montreal. He will also be attenting the March For Life in Ottawa. The Earth day stuff was planned well in advance as more of a ecumenical thing, but was planned before he took possession of the diocese. Believe me,.I am in the trenches here in Montreal and things are changing, and the sixties 'spirit' of VII crowd is not too happy about it! God bless!

  5. That is very good to hear. I would never think that that would be an easy task. We will be watching with great interest. Thanks for the info!