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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Ways to Look at Something

My old friend, Archbishop Martin Currie, used to say that there are two ways to look at things pastorally - as problems or as opportunities. I think about that a lot.

So when big things erupt like the contraception mandate in the U.S., the abortive sex-selection thing here in Canada, etc., etc., for as objectively bad - evil - as these things are, these are also, in fact, opportunities to get the message of the Gospel out to a people who would otherwise be completely unaware of it. How many Catholics in the U.S. have suddenly been made aware that their religion thinks contraception is sinful? I bet just thousands upon thousands.

How many people do you think know what partial-birth abortion is - and that it is legal? Getting the message out... something to think about, especially for us bloggers.

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