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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Do You Know

This is a great site, run by Fr. Sehl, who is a priest of the Hamilton Diocese. I think of it as the NewAdvent of Canada. That is more or less fair. Whatever the case, it is an excellent aggregator of all things Catholic with a strong emphasis on Canadian content. Whereas the Society of Canadian Catholic Bloggers sticks to Canadian Catholic blogs, CatholicCanada casts its net much more widely.

This is part of their description:

We hope to provide easy access to all that is happening in the Catholic Church, its hierarchy, and the Catholic people of Canada.

As bloggers know, and anyone who keeps any kind of website knows, a lot of work would go into such an ambitious project. No doubt it does! It certainly helps to fill a gap left by so many poor diocesan websites! Make sure you visit them.

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