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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What the MSM Refuses to Acknowledge

People who oppose anything at all that pertains to the gay agenda are regularly called homophobic. They fear homosexuals. Weird.

Let's reflect on a few things the latest issue of MacLean's states in its feature, "How Canadian Are You?"

According to them 59 % of Canadians support gay marriage. That means 41 % do not. Accordingly, if the country has, say 35 million people, that means 14,350,000 Canadians are against it. More than 14 million Canadians are what gay activists would call "homophobes," or would seem to fit into that group of people the genius Justin Trudeau suggests are "repulsive."

14 million Canadians are repulsive to a man who thinks that he can be a leader of a national party some day. Good luck with that. But I guess that would be par for the course for Liberal success of late.

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  1. I remember during the 2000 Election, the Liberals and the mainstream media tried to portray Stockwell Day as "scary" and to ridicule his Christian beliefs. They also kept up a mantra for years in succeeding elections that anyone who opposed their plans to redefine marriage or anything else was "anti-Charter" and "anti-Canadian." This is why they are where they are in the polls because a number of Catholic voters, enough to make a difference, bailed on the party they traditionally voted for.