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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


What would the Muslim do?

I disagree with everything Putin does and is, except his position on that group of wayward women musicians.

Driving to work on the 417, I'm back in the world, it seems. I see, once again, after a few years' hiatus, manipulations of the symbol held sacred by Christians for 2000 years:
But this act of desecration is funny, because Christians are stupid, bigoted and superstitious. They deserve to have their symbols desecrated.

I say, fine. It's a free world, and if you want to insult religions, why only those you can insult with impunity? The very essence of bullying is targeting those who will not or cannot stand up for themselves.

Here's a suggestion, Mr. and Mrs. Freethinker, driving your Volkswagen Golf down the 417. Go to the corner of Walkley and Albion in Ottawa and do likewise, but this time desecrate a symbol held sacred to Muslims - after all, aren't they just as stupid, bigoted and superstitious as Christians? Maybe there someone will be happy to teach you the other side of civilized co-existence.

So it is with the recent event in Moscow. The St. Elias Today blog is a wonderful site. Today, however, I fundamentally disagree with the article it is carrying from First Things.

But of course, the difference is this, if I ever have the opportunity to go to St. Elias, I would be going to pray silently to God, and not as a publicity stunt put on by money-grubbing cowards. I would go out of reverence for that sacred place.

What would the Muslim do? Maybe it's time to ask them? Maybe this is the puny kid paying the big kid from grade 9 to pound the guy who's making his life a living hell?

* An interesting post here from Peter Stockland on this general theme.

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  1. Well Colin, perhaps then we Catholics should stop turning the other cheek" so often and start being that thorn in the side so to speak ... by fighting aggresively with lawyers. We should become hardened and fiesty and start acting as agressively as Jews and Muslims when they get affronted (minus the EXTREME elements of those religions). Sorry but people aren`t going to be moved these days by Catholic teaching, even fellow fake `c`atholics. They only shut up when inflicted by, and give a darn about civil law.

    I am just stating things bluntly and giving a solution in reply to your post. I am not being a turncoat on my faith or intend to be. BTW, ``turning the other cheek`` is highly misunderstood in our faith for being a `doormat`.