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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Worth Reading

Only Fr. de Souza can get away with what would get me permanently excluded from the graces of the society of the well-coiffed sacerdoti. See his latest at the Catholic Register on the V - II conference at St. Paul's. Maybe some day some young priestly upstart will sum-up my life in as equally stinging a manner: It’s polite to listen, as one throws a toothless lion a bone. Yesterday's mavericks are today's toothless lions. Live by the sword of wordliness, die by it fifty years later...

An equally compelling article  of Brian Lilly, about why you should send your kids to Maryvale Academy of Ottawa - that's what I took from it, anyway. We get the stupidity out of our bureaucrats that we deserve, don't we? Why do we who stand for something feel so impotent politically? But we are not: we got 91 of 294 votes. Don't give up hope. It'll end in a victory for life... someday.

Monday, September 10, 2012

An Alumna's Blog

One of the things I learned from my time at OLSWA was that the feminine of alumnus, is alumna.

I was just told about the blog of one of my former students, a gifted artist, and all-around nice person, originally from PEI. Have a look:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Starting the School Year off Blogtastically

Two people emailed me their blog addresses today, which I am happy to add.

A mother from Toronto:

and a father / chaplain / school teacher from Calgary:

I am hoping to eventually add a blog devoted to and written by my school, Maryvale Academy, in Ottawa.

Now that summer is over, we will become more disciplined bloggers !?