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Thursday, February 6, 2014

A New Feature: A Featured Blog

Plus some rambling about blogs and Catholicism.

"If I were a better blogger..." wrote today's featured blogger, Mo, on January 25. Well, I'd like to be a better blogger - and I am sure you would be too.

If I were a better blogger I would have done this featured blog thing earlier.

A few things we can learn from today's featured blogger:

1) easy, sensible layout. Makes the best of her Wordpress blog.

2) Nice pictures

3) cheery

A critique:

1) Hard to tell who you are. Many of us are afraid of internet stalkers and so we like to conceal our identity, or at least make it difficult to figure out our name, our kids' names, where we live, etc. Makes sense. Who doesn't do this at least to some extent? At least give your name clearly. It helps build community.

Make sure you visit Mo at Canadian Catholic Mom


  1. I think another essential characteristic of a good blog is its frequency. It is disappointing to find an interesting blog, one you enjoy reading, only to find that posts are few and far between.

  2. I hope you are talking about thetheologyofdad... ;-)

  3. Wow, so surprised to be picked for this first (hopefully of many) featured blogs! Thanks so much! And yes, I do try to remain a little anonymous while still feeling like a real person behind the computer. Thanks so much for the advice!