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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Practicing Mammal: Today's Featured Blog

The best thing about the SCCB is making new Catholic friends.

The Mammal* of Practicing Mammal is one of my 'internet friends.' I have met two of her daughters: I had the pleasure of teaching them. (They are so smart and nice!) But through her blog and through the stray email here and there, I feel I have met the whole family.

She is a pretty active blogger, averaging about 150 posts a year. She writes about her family, homeschooling and writing. You really get the impression she likes her family. lol. The most curious thing about the family is the nicknames.

They are people I really like. I hope you will come to share my opinion through reading her blog.


* You'll note that I am trying not to use people's names who do not use them on their blogs.

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