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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Blog

Grace writes at Even the Wilderness, and could be a female version of me, more or less:

I'm an introverted, Protestant-to-Roman Catholic convert from the Northern Wilds of Canada, who is always up for a late-night game of Dutch Blitz and a cup of good, hot, British tea. I struggle with depression and anxiety, I am nerdier-than-thou (probably; we can debate the title, if you like), a hopeless romantic with a reasonable side, and I can be the most prudish prude that ever there was (which creates a bit of a paradox, as I also love to discuss chastitywomanhood, and Theology of the Body). I write about Faithbooks, and food, interspersed with everyday adventures and obscure references to Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, Doctor Who, CS Lewis, Jane Austen, and GK Chesterton. 

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