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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Parish Discovers Papal Document Predating 1965

By: SCCB Staff     Dec. 27, 2014

Picture of an unknown pope from the olden days,
possibly even Leo XIII himself.

Thomas, Alberta - A team of archivists and other officials the Diocese of Rockville were called in to investigate an inexplicable find earlier this week, in the most unlikely of places. A little known papal document, from a time long-ago, by Leo XIII was discovered in a local Catholic church. This pope from the Middle Ages was said hold the papacy now held by the Argentine, Francis I, who is known for instituting "the Francis effect."

St. John XXIII pastor, Paul O'Reilly, stated that "While the liturgy committee was searching for the black wise man, one of the members said he just came across this little booklet sitting on the dusty concrete floor under the stage in the church basement. He pulled it out and showed us and we all just kind of stood around, not believing what he had just found."

"We were all just shocked. And then Barb Little, head of the liturgy committee, tugged on my arm and said, 'Father, you had better call someone at the bishop's office.' And that just snapped me out of my shock. I didn't know where this mystery would lead - perhaps all the way to Rome, I wondered. We had our very own Da Vinci Code-like mystery on our hands!"

"One thing we knew," Ms. Little added, "Was that this wouldn't be a secret for long. We are a parish that believes that everyone has a ministry and so there were a lot of people in the hall that morning - the ladies from the yoga class, and the kids from the daycare. People are bound to talk."

To head off the gossip, Fr. O'Reilly decided to call a meeting for all interested parishioners. About fifty people showed up that evening to hear the findings of the diocesan commission.

The document turned out to be called 'Aeterni Patris,' which is from the Latin language and means 'Of the Eternal Father.' It was written long ago in the 1800s by Pope Leo and was about the Church teaching philosophy.

"In the time of Leo XIII," the speaker, Jill Andrews, Head of the Diocesan Catechetical Office, said, "the Church realized that we should not only believe what is taught in the Bible, but we can also use our minds to study the world. It must have been a real turning point for the Church - to realize that it doesn't have all the answers. A real step out of the Middle Ages. No doubt this ushered the way toward Vatican II, when the Church finally accepted that all religions are equal in God's eyes."

One of the evening's attendees, Jim Anderson, a computer programmer with a local high-tech firm, enjoyed the evening. "It really makes you wonder if other things had been written by those early Christians," he said.

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