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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

SCCB 'News': Parish Priests has Clueless Adults Leave during Homily

Chevette, Ontario: Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fr. James McSweeny CC, fresh from the seminary, has some pretty radical ideas when it comes to Sunday worship. After the readings, he invites adult members of the congregation whom his ushers have specially elected, to go downstairs for a ‘special’ homily given by Sr. Janet and her ‘saintly sock puppets.’

“We have found that they come back ten minutes later much more engaged,” said Fran Duplesse, chairperson of St. Martin’s liturgy committee.

When asked which adults are selected for this special homily, Fr. McSweeny said it was those who fidget, those who clear their throats a lot, and those who keep looking at the girl with the low top and the tight jeans out of the corners of their eyes.

“It’s just a new take on catechesis.”

Fr. McSweeny said the idea came to him one Sunday out of frustration with those who just can’t to remember the ‘and with your spirit.’

“I mean it’s been a few years now! But then I thought, you can get angry or you can think proactively,” he wrote in an email interview with SCCB.

Parishioner Craig Wingel said he often has the opportunity to attend the “fun downstairs,” and said that the highlight for him is getting to show the crafts he makes to his own children whom, he says, “have to stay upstairs,” over Sunday brunch.

Ms. Duplesse said they expect to have several hundred in the basement over Christmas. “I hope Santa brings enough macaroni and glitter!” she chuckled.


  1. Don't any of the adults or teens (judging by the oogling at scantily clad girls comment) feel angry or upset that they are being treated like toddlers at a daycare with these puppet shows, or are the parishioners really that immature/poor in faith/lazy and willfully ignorant to care?

    1. This is just parody - see two posts down. I will have to make this fact more obvious!

  2. Oops. Didn't see that, though it doesn't help when the last post introduced a new blog about the theological corruption of the Ottawa school system. Took a peek at it.
    That blog is sooooo bad for Trad Catholics and will give one seizures (jokingly .... I hope.)

    1. hopefully no one has to get rushed to the hospital over the Christmas season!

  3. Lol! Merry Christmas Colin and a Holy New year and Solemnity of Mary!