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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blogger, Theologian Feels Listless, Unappreciated

By: SCCB Staff     January 11, 2015

                               Dr. Colin Kerr  (Photo Source: SCCB file)

Ivoritower, Canada - It's not all fast cars and gala charity events, admits one theologian.

Dr. Colin Kerr, freelance writer and blogger, founder and editor of the Catholic Review of Books, who also writes at "The Theology of Dad," has announced that he is "unsatisfied with the way the world and the Catholic Church are using his gifts... not using them, rather," he said today in an interview with the SCCB.

"When I became Catholic at seventeen I was so excited to learn about the Faith, to use my energy and intelligence to spread the Gospel. Everywhere you heard things like, 'the laity are the future,' and 'everyone has gifts.' And yet now, after fifteen years of university education and trying my hand at different evangelical initiatives, I am starting to feel like the Church just doesn't care about me."

Psychologist, Dr. Henry Sullivan, stated that "It is unusual for an intellectual to feel this way. For one, so many of them have such humble opinions of themselves, and, secondly, success and theology usually go hand in hand. This is the first case I have seen like this. Truly extraordinary."

Dr. Sullivan said that over his thirty years of clinical experience he has seen that, overwhelmingly, academics are highly well-adjusted and happy people. But now he would like people to be aware that this is not always so. "There is a great deal of ignorance out there about the discontentment that intellectuals experience. These people deserve our compassion."

Even so, said Sullivan, he believes that Kerr's case is by no means typical. "I have never met a man more hard done by. It is ironic, isn't it, that such a special man, one with such gifts, could yet feel so isolated as a consequence? These people - people just like him - are the unsung heroes of the modern world. They are our greatest natural resource."

There will be a candlelight vigil for all under-appreciated theologians tonight in Ottawa, before the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

"That so few hang off his words and his profound reflections is appalling," said Tahir Okot, Sudanese genocide survivor and organizer of the vigil.

However, not everyone shares Mr. Okot's view. Dr. Kerr's own brother, Jimmy, had this to say, "Every time I click on the Theology of Dad it's whine, whine, whine. I have no money... the Church this, the Church that... Bishops should be kissing my ring... I mean, come on, dude, get a job and shut up. No one is interested in your observations!"

When informed about his brother's comments, Dr. Kerr said he "needed a moment to collect his thoughts and prepare a heart-felt blog-response for the whole world to see."

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