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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Catholic Organization, COLF Changes Logo

By: SCCB Staff         January 8, 2015

Ottawa, Canada - Due to the widespread criticism from breeders, the Catholic Organization for Life and the Family (COLF), has decided to alter its logo "to more fully reflect Catholic doctrine."

This was welcome news to the Catholic Breeders Alliance (CBA), headquartered in Combermere, Ontario. The CBA has been trying to get the COLF, an organization that is jointly run by the Catholic Bishops and the Knights of Columbus, to reconsider its logo for some time.

"We welcome with sincere gratitude the Catholic sensibility of this organization, specifically its intention to no longer unreflectively perpetuate ideas of family life that are by no means inspired by Catholic doctrine and morals but by the wider secular culture," said CBA President, Claire McDougall, in a hurried reflection offered to SCCB between diaper changes.

Bishop Claude Amaund, Chairman of COLF, stated that "It is the purpose of COLF to reflect and foster Catholic family values. We were happy to re-envision the logo. Of course, this is only a start. As an organization we have also decided to no longer hold meetings during nappy time."

However, not everyone is completely satisfied with the new logo. In an editorial on its website, Tom Walsh of LifeSiteNews remarked, "It's a good start, certainly, but there's a lot more on the page where you could stick more little blue babies."

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