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Saturday, January 3, 2015

CCCB Speaks out against Inefficiency in Recycling

By: John O'Malley, SCCB Correspondent for the CCCB     January 3, 2015

Kip Tandy, CCCB Ecology Chair, presenting
new recycling strategy.

Ottawa, Canada - Picking up the torch from Pope Francis, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops have dedicated the year to increasing awareness of SPI-7 plastics as an environmental concern.

Kip Tandy, Chairman for the Ecology Commission of the CCCB, stated that "Code 7 plastics are one of the most neglected groups of plastics, and are almost never included in municipality recycling programs. Certainly they don't represent the largest group of plastics used in First World countries, but if we added up all the Code 7 plastics that are disposed of each year in Canada, the space they would take up in the landfill would be the equivalent of one family home, a home for a young family."

Mr. Tandy said that included in this group are "plastic baby bottles, CDs, medical storage containers, among other things."

The President of the CCCB, Msgr. Henri Bouchand, Bishop of Oakville, stated that "We are going to pour all of our resources into this, including three special collections, which will be taken up during Lent, on October 4th (the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi) and Advent. Clearly, this is a priority, our Holy Father is telling us."

In related CCCB news, the Canadian Bishops released their annual report on the state of the Church in Canada for 2014. Highlights of the report include:

- the number of parishes in Canada has decreased by 498.
- baptisms have declined by 20,317
- Catholic marriages have decreased by 14%
- there are now 67 priests in Canada, with 7 seminarians set to join their ranks over the next 4 years
- 3 out of 1000 Catholics know their faith, down from 4 out of 1000 in 2013

Bishop Bouchand said he would address the details of the report "sometime over the next year."


  1. I wish you had provided a link to that information on the CCCB's website. Sadly, little of what the bishops do ever filters down to the parish level. Many parishes don't even have updated and dedicated websites let alone be informed as to what the CCCB and the Universal Church are planning and doing. Has anybody ever heard a homily about the work of the CCCB? Does anybody really care? No wonder the Catholic numbers are going down each year and barring a miracle will continue to do so unless the Church becomes relevant in the life of families and all the faithful.

    1. great satire... but close to the truth in Ottawa

  2. I have to tell you, this is brilliant!
    It made it around a couple FB pages before anyone realized it was satire.
    It's art!

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