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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Convert-Convert Converts

By: SCCB Staff

McGilvery looking somewhat sheepish
after making the sign of the cross in front of
Beth Israel Synagogue.

Oxford, England - Clive Staples McGilvery gained a great deal of attention a few years ago around the Oxford campus when he converted from atheism to Anglicanism, changing his name from Darwin to that of the writer whose books inspired his conversion.

A few years later he converted to Catholicism. A few years after that he converted to Orthodoxy. Now he has his sights on Judaism, because, as he says, "It seems even more ad fonte," meaning even closer to 'the source.'

McGilvery is a PhD student who first fell in love with the writings of C. S. Lewis while working on his undergrad in medieval literature. It was when he began his Master's Degree in philosophy that he fell in love with the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas and G. K. Chesterton. Soon after, he converted to Catholicism and got himself a pipe.

At the beginning of his PhD in theology he was introduced to the thought of St. Gregory Palamas. Conversion and a beard were eventually to follow.

But the years were long and his reading deep. He would eventually discover that Jesus spoke Aramaic, not Latin or Greek, as he had previously supposed.

"I now see my life as unified whole, as a journey to YHWH. Sure, some days on my way to synagogue I find myself pulling into the parking lot of Sacred Heart or of St. George's, but despite these minor things, it all makes sense to me now."

It has been said that the Druids are anticipating hearing from McGilvery any day now.

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