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Friday, January 16, 2015

Eighteen-Year-Old Confused

By: SCCB Staff       January 16, 2015

Charles LeGrow at St. Mary's Basilica. (Unconfirmed)

Halifax, Canada - Hot on the heels of his confirmation and of his NET circuit, Charles "Francis" LeGrow is ready for his next challenge. But the Church might not be ready for him.

Mr. LeGrow, who prefers to go by his confirmation name, Francis, rather than by his birth name, spent a few weeks in the Nova Scotia Psychiatric Hospital after having stripped down to his boxers at a Sunday mass at St. Mary's Basilica, handing his discarded clothes to his father and offering himself up for a hug to the surprised Archbishop.

The enthusiastic young man had first offered his pants in the collection plate.

In an interview with SCCB, LeGrow indicated that his dramatic act was the fruition of his years of catechetical training, "being inspired by the various saints held out to us as models by our teachers, and by the wonderful program, 'Born of the Spirit.'"

"It all came together for me when the Holy Father chose the name Francis. I was going to become a theologian, and then Benedict retired. This, then, seemed to be the way I should go."

When asked whether his time at the NS Hospital had helped to deter him from his plan, he indicated that he was still discerning.

"The Archbishop said I could do the CCO thing. What's that, I asked? It's a bunch of guys who go to university living together in a house. Do they fast and embrace Lady Poverty? I asked. Do they preach on the street corners and beg for their bread? The Archbishop said no - so I am not really sure how that is the way I am suppose to go."

At the end of the interview he was heard to ask by-standers, "What's a Saracen and where do they live?"


  1. Is this based on a true story? because yesterday at Mass, a young man came in late and walked to the first row. Then proceeded to remove his jacket, a sweater and another sweater. Phew, he stopped then and sat down but proceeded to fidget further.. The first time we stood up, my husband whispered to me (since he wasn't in the line of sight) "does he have his pants on?" I was relieved to say yes.

    1. everything is based on a true story, especially everything that the SCCB World News Corp. reports on.

  2. Oh man, if ONLY that's what extreme Catholic teens did who have been through these programs and youth ministry.

    1. What, is it not? Saints made daily, that is the promise of these programs.