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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Heresy Hunter's New Year's Resolution

By: Associated Catholic Press of Nunavut      January 5, 2015

Toronto, Canada
- Loquacious and mysterious Canadian blogger who goes by the moniker, 'Heresy Hunter,' had decided to "like something" this year.

In an interview with Canadian Catholic journalist, Deborah Japingpong, behind blurry glass, the unknown blogger stated that he wasn't sure what he was going to like, but it was "going to be something."

"It's important for my spiritual development that I don't only focus on the problems in the Church," he said after an evening of enjoying some Indian films. 

When asked whether he might possibly like something from Salt and Light or the CCCB, he said that that "was not likely."

"And, no, it won't be Simcha Fisher, Mark Shea or Jennifer Fulwiler."

"It would be easy enough to 'like' some bishop's retirement, but that's too easy," he said.

He asked for prayers for what he thought "just might be the hardest thing I ever do." 


  1. Way to tackle this state of affairs! Good article!

  2. Nothing and no one is off limits in this quest for journalistic truth!

  3. Very good, sir. Gave me a hearty laugh. It is an honour to be characterized as such by you.

    Yes, still enjoy the Evergreen Bollywood songs. As for liking something, I'm trying.

  4. Commendable that you have a sense of humor about yourself - not everyone does! Perhaps it's time to go after that "Theology of Dad" guy.