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Friday, January 9, 2015

Historian Converts to Anglicanism

By: SCCB Staff      Januray 9, 2015

An image of the Lord preaching to gathered Anglican Divines.

Fredericton, Canada - An historian at Catholic St. Thomas University in the New Brunswick city has converted to the Anglican Church, "after his long study of history led him to the inevitable conclusion that it was the one founded by Christ."

Although his announcement came as some surprise to his colleagues in the history department, they affirmed his obviously conscience-driven decision.

Prof. Martin Smalley stated that it was his visit to the Middle East last summer that finally convinced him of the truth.

"You walk along the streets of Antioch where the followers of Jesus were first called Anglican... You go to the great Cathedrals in Istanbul, Alexandria and Caesarea, built by the great Ancient Anglican Fathers of the Church... You go into the deserts of Egypt and Syria to see the ruins of monasteries and cells built by the holy Anglican Desert Fathers... Who would not be moved as I have been?"

Prof. Smalley said that he will be officially received into the Anglican Communion on April 12, the 1700 anniversary of the baptism of the first king of England by St. Oliver Cromwell.

The Catholic bishop of the diocese in which Smalley resides said that he does not regret the loss of Prof. Smalley, and said that he could not imagine that the historian's decision would effect his employment at the nominally Catholic university - "although other things might."

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