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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Program at Catholic University

By: SCCB Staff              January 15, 2015

St. Paul's students are excited about the upcoming course changes.
It has attracted the youngest group in almost thirty years.

Ottawa, Canada - With diminishing enrollment plaguing universities throughout North America, new strategies are required. A new program at the Catholic university in the Nation's capital is doing just that.

Theology Department Chair, Jo-Anne Frank, said "We needed something to attract younger students. So we got rid of the stodgy old doctrine courses of their grandparents' generation, things like Christology and Trinitarian theology, and replaced them with courses that would grab their interest, courses like, 'Environmental Theology: Anticipating an Encyclical,' and 'Pope Francis and the Advent of the Gender-less Church,' and 'Second Pentecost, 1962-1978: When the Spirit was a-Movin'."

Marc Gerund, a professor at St. Paul's, is excited to be offering 'Fifty Years Since Vatican II,' because "the young people will love it - it is about their generation!" Prof. Gerund indicated that he has been offering versions of this course for nearly fifty years.

Another instructor, Henrietta Winslow, said she was excited about her new offering, 'Theology of Openness: Reading Huffington Post/opinion/' "It is essential to be formed in a well-rounded manner."

Winslow indicated that she had intended to teach a course called 'i-Religion: Learning Profound Truths from People in Skinny Jeans with Tattoos on the Internet,' but it had to be cancelled because it failed to attain minimum enrollment.

"But this year things will be different," she said. "Now, we are rappin' in their language."


  1. Lol! You are SOOO not coming back for year 2 if SINE after this. Still lol/ing! Ha ha ha 😃