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Friday, January 23, 2015

Parents Confident about Daughter's Choices

By: SCCB Staff

Sally Daugherty trying on dresses.
Victoria, Canada - Betty and Wilfred Daugherty are pretty excited about their daughter's upcoming nuptials.

Sally, age twenty-three, recently announced that she was going to marry her "nice atheist boyfriend" in June on the beach in Hawaii.

"No, they are not getting married in a church, as we had hoped, but still, she will have a wonderful, God-centred marriage anyway. She intends to raise their children in the Faith, she told us," said the dad, a thirty-year member of the Knights of Columbus.

When asked about the grounds of their confidence for this in an overwhelmingly secular age, the Daugherties stated that "She went to catechism every year, and, up until she made her confirmation, would come to mass every Sunday," said Mrs. Daughterty, herself a Third Order Franciscan.

"No, she didn't go to a Catholic college, like OLSWA or Christendom or Steubenville, but we are quite certain that she kept up going to mass while she was working on her degree in Women's Studies with a minor in Sociology."

The Daugherties indicated that their daughter did not meet her boyfriend at her college, but at an anti-Keystone rally.

"She's always cared about her fellow-man - that's very Catholic. And she has been so passionate about the environment. We are certain that she will raise her children with those values. When she was a little girl she told us that the wanted to have ten kids!"

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