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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pastor Reassigns Youth Director

BY: John O'Malley, S.J., SCCB American Correspondent       January 1, 2015

Former Youth Minister, Chris Chaney, leading a Bible study.

Providence, RI - Fr. John Drummond has stated that his reassignment of the youth minister was prompted by the need to have a "smart American" clean the church bathrooms.

Former youth minister and now toilet-jockey, Chris Chaney, is a graduate from Steubenville Franciscan University, where he gained an MA in theology. He has been entrusted with many responsibilities and has served in many ministries in the Church since his graduation five years ago, including two years as a missionary in Sudan and as head of the organizing committee of the American contingent at World Youth Day in Sydney. He has been praised by both the Vatican and the USCCB on numerous occasions.

"It is not true that I removed him because of how he behaved in the parish council meeting," added Fr. Drummond, pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Providence. The comments were made to the Argentinian daily, La Nacion.

“After the issue of the bathrooms cropped up, and we needed a smart American who would know how to get around, I thought of him for that position,” Fr. Drummond said.

“He thanked me in very good terms and accepted my offer, I even think he liked it,” the pastor said. “Because he is a man that gets around a lot, he does a lot of traveling, and would surely be busy there.”

Chaney has said that people have told him they feel the parish under Fr. Drummond is like a ship without a rudder, but the priest said he doubts people feel this way.

Mary-Beth Evans, a member of the parish council said that, "Yes, things had gotten heated at the November parish council meeting when Chaney's removal of a few girls from the confirmation program after repeated misconduct was discussed. It turns out that one of the girls was the daughter of a CWL big-wig in the parish." 

Although he winked several times while saying it, Catholic Review of Books editor, Colin Kerr, weighed in on the incident, stating that he had "never heard of a case where a superior felt intimidated by a subordinate. That's certainly not a problem among Catholics! Clearly, it's all about the good of the toilets."

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