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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Salt and Light Makes Innocuous Statement

By: SCCB Staff       January 22, 2015

Salt and Light supporters respond to situation normal with courage.

Toronto, Canada - Jaws were not dropping after Salt and Light Media CEO, Fr. Tommy Rose, made an innocuous statement about Catholicism after an ordinary event that happened. The bishops of Canada are said to be decidedly nonplussed.

When asked what drove the priest to make such a statement, Rose stated that "he felt moved by the Spirit to say it."

"These times call for statements like this," said a bishop somewhere, who thought that his brother bishops would be feeling just as equanimous about it.

"We really don't know where this same perspective will lead us, ultimately," said another figurehead in Canadian Catholic media. "It really settles the boat, doesn't it?"

"I fear that we can expect more equally ordinary platitudes from him and his media outlet in the future. This certainly does not bode well for those who seek things."

Another bishop from another place said that the whole thing reminded him of the recent report on the US Leadership Conference of Women Religious, entitled, "Nothing to See Here. What Culture of Dissent?"

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  1. Any betting going on as to how long before Tommy "the Taliban Catholics" Rose is made a bishop?