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Monday, January 12, 2015

SCCB Interview: Elton John

By: Editor-in-Chief, SCCB    January 11, 2015

Note: We were grateful for Sir Elton John agreeing to sit down with our editor yesterday for this, hopefully, first of many reflections on the Catholic Faith.

Sir Elton John may be a new Relator in the
Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

London, England - Ed. - Sir John, I want to thank you for providing our world news service with a few minutes to talk to you.

John - More than my pleasure.

Ed. - Our readers want to know why now, on two separate, very public, occasions you have praised Pope Francis. Most recently you noted his efforts to educate about AIDS. You have also said that he wants everyone to be included in the love of God.

John - That's right. He is a fearless leader. Make him a saint already!

Ed. - Well, you understand that that is only done post mortem, right?

John - By post? Well, the Vatican has a postal service, right?

Ed. - No, Sir. Post mortem: after death.

John - Well, sure, but I say make an exception here.

Ed. - May I ask you about his promotion of AIDS education. When, may I ask, has he done that?

John - He has been an outspoken supporter so many times to millions of people.

Ed. - Can you name one such occasion?

John - Oh, just so many times. And with all the ground-breaking changes he has brought in, I am sure that he will also change the Church's teaching on contraception, so that millions of Africans will be protected from AIDS.

Ed. - Do condoms offer 100% protection from AIDS?

John - More or less.

Ed. - Probably less, since more than 100% would be impossible.

John - Sure.

Ed. - Whatever the case, where is it, may we ask, that you have gained the special insight you seem to have on Pope Francis? Are you a practicing Christian?

John - Well, no. But I do read a great deal.

Ed. - May I ask what your educational background is? Where did you go to university?

John - I have been in the music industry since I was sixteen years old. No university.

Ed. - And what have you read on Pope Francis?

John - Papers mostly.

Ed. - Any books?

John - No.

Ed. - What about his Jesuit formation. How do you see that contributing to his spiritual life as a pope?

John - Well, I don't really know what that is.

Ed. - And, how do you see that his long record of priestly and episcopal service has foreshadowed his ministry as pope?

John - Well, I can't really say much specifically about that.

Ed. - Ok. Listen, thank you so much for sharing you deeply grounded insights into a person who has interested and excited so many.

John - Always happy. I have to go now anyway. I am giving a talk on how to resolve the conflict in the Middle East in a few minutes.

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