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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sensitive Man Posts Ordered by Wife

By: SCCB Staff

Greg Stevens and his wife sharing a laugh about something
Johnnette Benkovic said on 'Women of Grace.'

Hamilton, Canada - A recent admission has Catholic internet jockeys scratching their heads. It has come to light that our friend, Greg Stevens, the guy who posts all those sensitive posts on your Facebook news feed about wives and daughters, was acting under his wife's orders.

Stevens is well known for having posted the meme, "Men, if you can't control your wife, then you've found a good one," which features the image of the 'world's most interesting man.'

He is also behind the "Share if you are proud of your daughter" post that makes the rounds every few months.

But it was when he started posting inspiring quotes from Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe that his friends began to worry.

Now Stevens is "taking his recovery seriously," he informed SCCB and he hopes that his story will help other men who find themselves in his 'special kind of hell.'

"It all began to fall apart after I went to that Catholic Men's conference, "Strong and Silent Like St. Joseph," he said. "The three hour talk on the 'Feminine Genius' by Simcha Fisher was extremely moving. I don't remember much else about that weekend. It's all a blur to me now... I remember swaying and I remember crying, but not much else."

"My wife made me go on that weekend after I let it slip one day that I kind of like NASCAR."

"Soon after that we decided that it was best if she monitor my internet activity - hence those Facebook posts. Now I cry when I see rainbows, puppies and sunsets.

"But I am slowly starting to regain a sense of self. I know now that it's okay to feel man things, just never to act upon them."

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