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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

South American Says Stuff

By: SCCB Staff

A head shot Menendez handed out at the start of his talk.

Toronto, Canada - The Toronto School of Theology is all abuzz after a talk about 'things' was given yesterday by someone representing the poor in South America.

Jorge Menendez has no academic degrees, nor is he a politician or business leader. But he wears an interesting hat and has an interesting accent and makes use of dramatic gestures and pregnant pauses.

The diverse academic crowd was thrilled when he mentioned words like 'liberation' and 'option.' When he employed them in the same sentence his audience gave him a three-minute standing ovation.

No one was quite sure how Menendez was chosen for the talk nor really what it was about. One attendee even said that it was mostly anecdotes about growing up on his father's huge cattle ranch.

Nevertheless, the comment of one of Wycliffe College's seven professors of Womynist Theology, Anne Heffrey, seemed to sum up well the talk's effect: "Ah, the poor," she said to the emphatic head-nodding of her colleagues. "And other miscellaneous marginalized people."

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  1. Don't forget about mercy and youth unemployment!