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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Theology of the Body Weekend Well-Received

By: SCCB Staff          January 13, 2015

Calgary TOB Conference Theme: 'Scarves, the Pathway to True Love'

Calgary, Canada - A group of unmarried twenty-something girls were overwhelmingly delighted to hear about the Theology of the Body at a two-day conference in the city.

"It is exactly how my marriage is going to go," said one participant, Mary-Claire Butterfield, who said she doesn't yet have anyone in mind for marriage.

"If a man can't love me like that, well, he's no man for me," said another participant.

"There are good guys out there," said another. "Men who will love you like Christ does His Church, men who will not give into their selfish desires, but who will serve women as they are meant to."

"Men need to overcome their sexual desires," chimed in another. "That was the main theme of the weekend."

"Where are the men like St. Joseph?" asked yet another young woman to the nods of her gathered friends.

"The best thing about a conference like this is getting all the answers up front. Now I know exactly what to tell my future husband."

"Everyone needs to study the Theology of the Body. Its message about marriage and sexuality is perfect and it can aid every couple to love each other completely like Adam and Eve did," said the event's coordinator, Anne Pharrel. "In fact, I would go so far as to say that no one should be allowed to marry until they have taken this course."

Ms. Pharrell indicated that if she ever gets married she will apply its teaching in her marriage.

When asked about the future of TOB, she said that they were planning to have the conference again next year and hope some men will come too.


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  2. Those scarves without ends hanging down should be called birth scarves. That's what they always remind me of. Especially the one on the woman in the front row feeling her own butt.