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Sunday, January 18, 2015

US Conference Confronts Possibility of Catholics in Canada

By: SCCB Staff             January 18, 2015

Sr. Mary Rosenblathe, Dominican Sister of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Baltimore, USA - Keynote speaker at a conference devoted to the New Evanglization, Sr. Mary Rosenblathe, O.P., shocked many of the participants when she said that "the persecution of Christians in the Middle East should make us sit up and ask the question - are there perhaps Catholics outside of the United States?"

When Scott Hahn, also a presenter at the conference, was asked about Sr. Rosenblathe's conjecture, he stated that "It kind of sounds like a Mormon thirteenth tribe type thing, at least when she talks about the existence of other English-speaking Catholics out there in Canada or some place."

"That theory would not stand up to sound exegetical reasoning," he added, "which I have outlined in my new book, Sound Exegetical Reasoning. On sale now."

A further row was created when one of the attendees, Christendom College student, Marie-Claire DeSouza, stated that there are, in fact, Catholics in Canada. "There are churches and bishops and even schools, sort of."

A discussion panel of National Catholic Register bloggers erupted into laughter when De Souza said, "There are even Catholic bloggers there."

"What do they blog about - how to keep their igloos from melting away from their icon lanterns?" asked Simcha Fisher. "By the way, you can read all about how to properly set up your own icon light in my new book, A Sinner's Guide to Icons Lights. On sale now."

A bishop who was present but who wished to remain anonymous, said "Of course there are Catholics in Canada! But we don't like to talk about it: we feel that it is too much for the simple faithful to come to grips with."

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