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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

German Marx Confusion

By: SCCB European Correspondent, Klaus von Klaus

Munich, Germany - Cardinal Reinhard Marx is outraged that people have actually been calling him Karl Marx by accident.

Cardinal Marx has recently made headlines advocating for an open-dialogue around marital issues, including divorce and same-sex marriage.

"I see the confusion," he said, "I am a famous German named Marx, Karl Marx was a famous German... but the resemblance ends there."

Marx, who is head of the German bishops' conference, wishes his critics in North America would get to know him a bit better. "If they did they would stop associating me with the father of dialectical materialism."

"I am the one who is critical of capitalism, and have written an elaborate criticism of it. And I am the one who knows better than the old-fashioned Catholic Church."

"I am the one who wants to change the basic understanding of the nature of the family."

"Oh ya, I am also the one who doesn't think that people should be caught up in traditions and in objective sense of right and wrong. I am also the one who thinks that morality should reflect the times in which one lives."

"Additionally, see: no beard but a red hat."

"Thus, you see, that socialist-materialist and I are nothing alike."

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  1. Funnie.

    You are aware that Cardinal Marx is known for his book attempting to rehabilitate Marx the Elder...