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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Interest in Priesthood Up Since Altar Boy Policy Change

By: SCCB Staff

Fr. Ryan Fedder representin'

Leamington, Canada - Our Lady of Good Hope Parish in the southern end of the London Diocese has seen a record increase in boys "hoping to go to the seminary some day," and the pastor says it's all because of his new altar serving policy.

The issue of limiting altar servers to boys only has once again come into focus after comments made by 'prelate bad-boy,' Cardinal Burke, a few weeks ago about the feminization of the Church, which he traced in part to girl altar servers.

One priest in Ontario has responded to the problem in a unique way.

Fr. Ryan Fedder says that, "No, I haven't excluded girls. I gave all the boys X Boxes. Since then we have a record number of requests from boys wanting to get on the server list."

"The other day one boy was so happy about his X Box he said that he might even become a priest so that he can play video games all the time!" Fr. Fedder chuckled, pointing out that he hardly ever plays with his game console any more.

"After the boy said that I knew I was on to something, and so that is why I contacted the SCCB."

Parishioners have had mixed, but generally positive, reactions to Fr. Fedder's approach.

"Fr. Ryan is just like one of the boys," said parishioner Chelsea Andrews, "Those big sneakers peeking out from under his alb during mass, his faux hawk, the barbwire tattoo on his arm, the way he refers to the girls of the parish as 'God's shorties'..."

It was eleven-year-old Chris Douglas who stated that he might become a priest some day. He has been serving at mass since the X Box policy came in. When the SCCB asked him about his hope to become a priest, Chris said, "Yeah, that, or a video game designer. Probably a video game designer."

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