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Friday, February 6, 2015

Journalists Write to Pope Francis

By: SCCB Staff

Stressed-out journalists wait.
New York City, United States - In light of the diminishing number of surprising papal statements, the World Association of Journalists has written a letter requesting that the pope "step things up a little, like in 2013."

Ron Fairchild, President of the WAJ, which is headquartered in New York, said, "In this time of diminishing print sales Pope Francis has kept us in business with such gems as 'Who am I to judge?' and 'I will punch you for insulting my mother,' and 'Make sure you beat your kids.' The problem is that statements like this are becoming fewer and farther between. If he loves the poor as he says he does, he must consider struggling journalists too."

"It's like he not even trying to help us anymore," said an editor with the Wall Street Journal.

"Nor is he helping us," chimed in CNN reporter, Deborah Blond. "We also rely of these pontifical bon mots to fill our airtime with hours of groundless speculation about the Church changing its teaching."

"What are all the people we get in the studio who know nothing about the Catholic religion going to talk about? We are a 24-hour news service, you know!"

Meanwhile, Pope Emeritus Benedict is said to be looking healthier, has put on a bit of weight and is said to be sleeping 'somewhat' better recently.

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