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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Obama Recalls Other Bad Things That Other People Did

By: SCCB Staff

Washington, D.C. - Only a day after American President, Barack Hussein Obama, implied the enduring guilt of the present-day Christians being slaughtered by ISIS for the modest armed conflicts that happened nearly a thousand years ago, he has made the same argument against black people.

The President made the controversial remarks at a breakfast hosted by the Washington Chapter of the NAACP.

"There was the time about three-thousand years ago that an African kingdom - these people were referred to as the Cushites in the Bible - invaded the Kingdom of Egypt and conquered it. So, it's not surprising that white people would be suspicious of black people even now. So black people should not get on their high horse."

One attendee at the breakfast who was a little surprised by the Muslim president's remarks, stated that "He was always taught that this kind of thing was called 'victim-blaming,' like when you asks about what a woman was wearing when she was raped. But that can't be right - he's a Democrat! I guess, just like those Christians in the Middle East, black people kind of deserve bad treatment at the hands of white people."

An historian at prestigious Jesuit-run Marquette University, Hank Repeater, stated that "Once you know about the Crusades, you know everything you need to know about the present day problems with Islam. And now our great president is teaching us about the history of race problems. He has really opened our eyes to the full story of history - the only two things that ever happened in the past."

Obama stated that history was a favorite past time of him and his Islamist-Marxist friends in university. "We formed up a history according to Malcolm X Society," he said.

When asked by journalists about Boko Haram, Obama responded, "Crusades."

Similarly, when asked about 9-11, responded, "Crusades."

About the beheading of the Japanese two weeks ago, "Crusades."

About the war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s, "Crusades."

The Muslim invasion of Spain in the early Middle Ages, centuries before the Crusades, "Crusades."

The Muslim destruction of the great Christian lands in Egypt, Palestine and Anatolia in the 7th century, centuries before the Crusades, "Crusades."

Global warming, "Crusades."

Illiteracy in the Third World, "Crusades."

Swine Flu, Avian Flu, and the Spanish Flu, "Crusades."


  1. he is definitely a muslim, obummmaaa

  2. Prophet Barak Hussein, peace be upon him, show us your passport!!