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Monday, March 2, 2015

Archbishop too Catholic

By: SCCB Staff

These girls are pretty sure they are doing something about stuff.
Breast cancer, colitis, or global warming, possibly?  
San Francisco, United States - Although the Church in ultra-liberal San Francisco is not unfamiliar with tension, things seem to have reached a fever-pitch with Archbishop Cordelione in recent weeks.

The bishop is under fire from some Catholic employees for his insistence on incorporating and enforcing certain Catholic identity clauses into the contracts of Archdiocesan employees.

Jake Ryans has worked for various Catholic schools in the diocese over the years and says that, "This is the first I've heard about the Catholic schools being Catholic. I mean, how would Pope Francis feel if he knew that Catholic schools were being Catholic? How Catholic is that?"

"I have taught all sorts of subjects in some of the schools here. I taught religion at Precious Blood of Christ School, I taught Catholic Ethics at Holy and Efficacious Divine Mercy School, and I taught Catholicism in the Modern World at the Sacred Wounds of Christ School. I have even taught Catholic history at No Salvation Outside the Church School, and I have never, ever considered myself a Catholic teacher. And now this all of a sudden! It makes no sense."

Another diocesan employee echoes Ryans' sentiment. Jill Anderson works in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Diocesan Center downtown and states that "The recent closed-minded approach of Cordelione stands in blatant contrast to everything I do in my job here." Anderson is the Director of Catholic Faith and Life for the Archdiocese.

"What's next? I suppose he will want me to take down the statue of Shiva I put up in the chapel here!"

School attendee, Melanie DuCharm (pictured above), said that she hopes that "the Bishop will change his mind and become more tolerant about breast cancer."

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