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Friday, March 6, 2015

Key to Evangelization

By: SCCB Staff

Blopp's words have an immediate impact. One attendee passes out.
Orleans, Canada - In a conference this past weekend, evangelization expert, Mike Blopp, made some pretty earth-shattering statements. Conference attendees are said to still be reeling.

"One necessary element in evangelization," he said to the roughly two-hundred conference attendees, "Is good catechization."

"I mean, he went there. I can't believe it, but he did," said Doug Ryerton who said he was sitting in the front row and nearly fell out of his chair when Blopp linked catechism and evanglization together.

"I thought he was going to say something else, but he didn't. He said this," said Fran Esterwire.

Ethan Despares added that "There was an audible gasp in the church. I even think Blopp was caught off guard by what he said. I mean, he was a professional about it and everything, but he was really struggling to regain his composure for a few minutes after that."

And yet opinions were divided over Blopp's assertion. While some referred to it as a "graced moment, like at Pentecost," others referred to it as "anarchistic, irresponsible."

Whatever the case my be, no one can doubt that this was a conference that none would soon forget.

When asked whether Blopp would be invited back, Divine Infant of Prague pastor, Fr. Willy Lambeth, said, "At this point I can only tell you that the Pastoral Life Committee has some real soul-searching to do this next little while."


  1. Fr. Willy Lambeth? Nice Anglican put down there Colin.

    Fr. Tim

    P.S. BTW, it's spelled evangelization. Not as you've spelled it in the 2nd paragraph of this story.

  2. Thanks for the notice. My editor tells me to be careful when I post the SCCB's stories on the internet. The names that appear in our stories are actual peoples. This is actual newsing.