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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Journalist Catching up on Ontario Bishops News

By: SCCB Staff

Toronto, Canada - Every job has its 'learning curve.' It's been a particularly difficult week for new SCCB reporter, Gerry Haessler, who has been assigned to cover news from the Ontario Bishops.

For instance, she could not quite understand how the General Secretary of the Ontario Bishops' Conference could publicly refer to efforts to oppose the Liberal Government's new sex-ed program as "pathetic."

"A few of the Ontario bishops have been particularly vocal in their opposition to the new program, so how can this guy refer to these same efforts as pathetic and yet keep his job?" Haessler wondered aloud at the SCCB morning meeting, to the amusement of our veteran journalists.

"I once lost a job once for saying that I didn't like the coffee in the break room," she added.

"So how does one become General Secretary on the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario anyway?"

"You just need to be able to speak French," another journalist told her.

"Do you have to be Catholic?"

"Define Catholic."

"Um, belief in and commitment to the promotion of Catholic belief."

"Then, no, you don't have to be Catholic. But bear in mind," added one of our veteran journalists, "that most of the Ontario bishops aren't really sure what being Catholic means in today's crazy, mixed-up world, anyway."

"So, why did they decide on Roger Lawler of all people?"

"That's the million dollar question, isn't it? And if we were a real news organization we might be tempted to uncover that mystery. But I'm sure a good journalist, like Deborah Gyapong, for instance, is looking into it."

"And, just for the record," added Haessler, "I love our coffee."

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  1. on a serious note, it looks like all is hunky-dory between Lawler and the ACBO: