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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pope's Lenten Intentions

By: Carlo Guidowendo, SCCB Italy

Vatican City - In a move that has some Vatican-watchers wondering about the pope's mental condition as he approaches the end of his second year as Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis has released an unusual list of prayers.

"Certainly, we are seeing a different side of the Pope," said well-known Vatican reporter, John Allen Jr.

As expected, the list includes the standard prayers for world leaders and ending world hunger, but it also includes a number of unusual petitions, such as "that the cardinals would stop assuming that I don't read the news and so realize that I totally know what they say about me."

Another surprising intention is formulated, "That homosexuals would figure out that in the field hospital analogy, they are the patients, not the doctors."

A few other notable intentions:

"That ISIS would give me time to straighten out the College first before the next conclave."

"That Putin and Fernández de Kirchner would come clean about their assassinations before Easter."

"That somehow Kasper and Burke would be involved in the same head-on car collision."

"That Notre Dame would just stop it, just stop it!" (This one is said to have been thrown in as a favor to the Pope Emeritus.)

"That people would learn how to take a joke sometimes about the things I say."

The pope has ordered the prayers to be said in all the Catholic Churches of the world from Laetare Sunday to Easter Sunday.

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