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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Young Man Wonders Why God Hates Him

By: SCCB Staff

Toronto, Canada - A twenty-five year old theology graduate is seeing the Good Friday "atheistic cry" in a different light this year.

After yet another letter of rejection from a Catholic organization, Josh Edmund is experiencing Jesus' sense of abandonment on the Cross in a new way, he says.

"I have received five letters of rejection this year from Catholic organizations, and they all said the same thing: 'After prayerful discernment we have decided not to hire you,'" the young man told SCCB.

"It's not that I don't understand that life is full of set-backs and disappointments and that that's how we come closer to God. It's just that I don't know what I've done to piss God off so badly. What do these organizations know that I don't? I pray all the time!"

Edmund said that he found the first letter he received this year almost edifying: "Wow, they actually discerned God's will - just like that!"

However, the young man added that "After a couple more of these 'prayerfully discerned' rejection letters I got a little dejected."

"I mean, I go to mass a few times a week, make holy hours, I don't look at pornography, I fast on Fridays, I volunteer at the old-age home... What is it that I am doing wrong that all these organizations are able to discern that I am not?"

Josh's Calvinist friend, George Hadfield, said that it was a clear sign of his friend's election to damnation.

"Well, the Church does have special insight into God's will for men, so maybe George is right," Josh said.

"But it's just so funny that it wasn't discerned that all those people working at the diocesan chancery who dissent from the Church's teaching on so many matters shouldn't work there. I just don't understand God at all!"

"The funniest thing of all was when I applied to the CCCB for a ministry job. When I heard about William Kokesch, I thought surely it wouldn't be 'discerned' that I didn't belong there! But lo and behold, there too was it prayerfully discerned that I should not work there. Was nobody prayerfully discerning with Kokesch, or does God even like him better than me?"


  1. Nothing so charming as the naiveté of a young theology student. Hang in there, Josh!