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Saturday, April 18, 2015

French Ambassadorial Kerfuffle Resolved

By: SCCB French Correspondent, Henri LaMasonLibre

French diplomat, Stefanini.

Paris, France - A recent diplomatic incident had left papal-watchers wondering about Pope Francis' view on homosexuality.

The incident began when the French government nominated an apparently homosexual man, Laurent Stefanini, as its ambassador to the Holy See. After weeks had passed with the Holy See failing to recognize the candidate's status, it became widely rumored that Pope Francis was not the 'homosexuals' pope' after all.

Elton John was said to have "not slept well this week."

However, several days ago the press office of the Vatican's Secretariat of State denied that homosexuality factored into the equation at all, and pointed to the "hopelessly complicated process" of diplomatic appointments as the cause for the delay.

And yet it has recently come to light that Stefanini is not homosexual at all, but that he "just likes nice things," said some Vatican monsignor. (It is said that the DNA test to prove the claim is pending.)

National Catholic Register apologist for the pope, Mark Stain, added, "Not only is the candidate not gay, but it turns out that there is no such place as France. The things secular journalists and the pope-bashing traddies come up with!"

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