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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blind not Blind, Catholic Group

By: SCCB Staff

Ottawa, Canada - A group of Catholics wants the Church to open its spiritual eyes, but not the other ones.

"No more ocular prejudice!" a letter recently submitted to Luigi Bonazzi, the pope's representative in Canada, begins.

Frank Brite, President of Catholics for Visionless Acceptance (CVA), describes the goal of the group: "Millions of people in the world suffer terrible prejudice, I mean the blind. And Christianity has contributed to this. The Bible is full of passages that treat blindness as if it is bad. My Jesus would not have gone around curing blindness. Rather, he would have accepted people just as they are and affirmed them. Who are we to say that seeing is better than not seeing?"

CVA is asking the pope to rewrite the passages of the Bible that treat blindness as a liability, "rather than, as it really is, something to be celebrated."

"The only sin lies in not accepting that everyone is in the exact same position. Whether you see or not, whether you can smell a rose or not, whether you can breathe or not... well, no, you have to be able to breathe... but whether you can walk or not, whether you can taste or not, all people's lives are exactly the same. We have to stop treating people like lepers, even lepers should not be treated like they have leprosy."

"You say that those with coughs should put on masks when they enter a hospital. I say those without coughs should put them on for a change."

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